Our Beaches Are the Best!

Sylvan Lake offers a variety of different beaches.  Busy, quiet, sunny, shady, grassy and sandy. You will find it all in Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake Pier
If you are into lots of people and lots of activity then the pier is the place to be! Just off Main Street, the Sylvan Lake Pier is busiest during hot weekends. There are lots of activity going on including volleyball, boating, jet skiing, party boat tours, and some great fishing.  In 2022, the Town of Sylvan Lake is closing off a portion of Lakeshore Drive for increased pedestrian traffic and patio seating, so hit up your favourite restaurant for a cold beverage and a hot appetizer or grab an ice cream. The main pier is the place to be seen and to see what is going on!

The Main Beach
Like the Sylvan Lake Pier, the main beach is a busy place.  Lots of people, kids, BBQs, music and fun.  Centennial Park offers a large grassy area for laying out with multiple stairs down to the sand and water. You’ll find washrooms, outdoor showers, picnic tables, benches, chairs, a great playground, and more. Across the street, you’ll find great beachside restaurants, trendy bars and ice cream shops.  If you come early, you can grab a shady spot close to the water and watch the kids enjoy the warm, clear waters of Sylvan Lake.

Side Beaches
Not feeling the crowds so much? That OK!  Our favourite beaches are the quiet little coves in front of the Cottage District.  Follow the path along the lake and you will find the hidden gems of Sylvan Lake.  From rocky beaches to sandy beach coves these are the places to be for a quiet and lovely beach experience that is yours alone.